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Our Story

The idea for Contrapunto Latin American Artist Collective emerged in 2008 by Carlos Solis in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and established by a small group of Latin American artists in 2012. The group felt that the art scene in Atlanta was lacking Latin presence, and few Latin American artists were given the opportunity to exhibit their work in major galleries, exhibitions, and museums in the region. In order to boost awareness of these artists in the Southeast, Contrapunto was born. Contrapunto's mission is to increase Latin American artist representation in the Southeast, supporting our members by creating access to education, exhibitions, residencies, and more.

Our Mission

“In music, the word Counterpoint (Contrapunto in Spanish) is the technique of combining two or more melodic lines in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship while retaining their linear individuality”

As artists, we are connected and work together in a unique and harmonious way — the best way to describe our dynamic was to use the musical term: Counterpoint. We are a small yet strong group of artists from Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela. Contrapunto Founder Carlos Solis (Venezuela) alongside Pedro Fuertes (Peru), Jorge Arcos (Mexico), Melvin Toledo (Nicaragua), Dora Lopez (Peru), and Catalina Gomez-Beuth (Colombia). 


While we work independently, collaborating with galleries and institutions far and wide, we regularly show our work as a group. This includes other guest artists, and it is our philosophy to provide opportunities to emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Contrapunto recognizes the importance of working alongside people outside of our community in order to make our presence as Latin American artists, individually as well as together, stronger and more recognizable. 


Contrapunto places great importance in working with the greater Atlanta community, using art as an educational platform to raise awareness about Latin American culture, folklore, and collective history. We view our visual art as the best way to send a message, exchange ideas, and share differing points of view across the board. We are a dedicated and united group, increasingly recognized for our hard work, high level of skill, and professionalism.

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Contrapunto in Photos: Past + Present
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